Boris Novak lost
Boris Novak lay down by me mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak Tribute to Sandro Botticelli
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica nire etxea 06
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica nire etxea 08
Picasso and me
Picasso and me 02
picasso and me 01
Boris Novak Up in Flames
Boris Novak Tribute to William Blake
Van Gogh and me
your thing mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak Tribute to Gustav Klimt

One of the best pleasures when painting / creating for me is to explore the world which inspires me the most. Human relations in the first line especially the interaction of two persons. I love to try to express the good and bad experiences, solitude and togetherness and hurt and intimacy. My biggest wonder is why people are as they are often ugly but same time so beautiful and attractive. In this series, my scope is more on the beauty of passion, but again in the first painting, I'm trying to sketch the anatomy of human dispute.
Here in this series are as well three paintings mix of Picasso's Guernica and my portrait where I try to express not understanding the ugly bloodthirsty beast in us humans.  

Paintings from the series New Perspective digital collages, pastel, watercolor and color pencil, made on the theme covering part of existential questions covering love, sexuality, communication, retrospect on life and echo of influences.



Unknown 7
Unknown 2
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Unknown 1


Boris Novak mosaic001

Series Imprisoned Body are realistic acrylic paintings of where I was making several versions, cutting them in the squares, strips or different shapes and then reassembling them in the new composition, not all paintings are presented here, some are sold before I was cataloging the photos of all paintings I have made. I miss erotic ones on female and male theme like the one here presented with the name "Take me I'm yours"

Boris Novak mosaic Liselot01
Boris Novak mosaic07
Boris Novak mosaic08
Boris Novak mosaic04
Boris Novak mosaic06
Boris Novak mosaic reflection
Boris Novak mosaic03
Boris Novak mosaic05


A fragment of music specially composed for Boris Novak's Imprisoned body series by René van Barneveld. discographywiki 



digital collage art woman torso
kiss and ecstasy mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak 06
Boris Novak 01
Boris Novak 31
Reaching 02 mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak 23
digital collage art sexual game
Boris Novak touch mixed media digital collage
Warsaw mixed media digital collage pastel watercolor
alone mixed media digital collage
phenix mixed media digital collage Boris Novak


The series Nephilim is about the myth of offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men", another mistake where almighty has destroyed what it's divinity has created for reason that Nephilim's were more interested in bodily pleasure than warship and ascetic existence.
I think it's my duty and right to recreate these divine creatures. If it comes to religion than only truth in it are the victims has fallen due to this human madness.

sound of silver mixed media digital collage
Sweet And Somber mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak contact mixed media digital collage p
Was It Worth It,  mixed media digital collage
Dark Sight, mixed media digital collage
this verse mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak recreate14
Boris Novak seven tales from bohemia mixed media digital collage
Boris Novak recreate12




 Part od Conceptual Installation with the paintings from the city Museum Trogir 2011







A mix composed by Boris Novak for the exhibition "Life is a journey" exhibition in the City Museum Trogir, Croatia where "Self Recreate" was part of the show. 
If you have slow internet connection please have patience it's a long composition needs time to load up.