Imprisoned Body


Boris-Novak Acrylic painting, mixed media, 100 x 7 cm, Fine art

Series Imprisoned Body are realistic acrylic paintings of where I was making several versions, cutting them in the squares, strips or different shapes and than reasambling them in new composition, not all paintings are presented here, some are sold before I was cataloging the photos of all paintings I have made. I miss erotic ones on female and male theme like one here presented with the name "Take me I'm yours"

Boris Novak mosaic Liselot
Boris Novak mosaic07
Mother and the child
Boris-Novak mosaic04
Boris Novak mosaic06
Boris Novak mosaic reflection
Boris Novak mosaic03
Behind the screen 56 x 56 cm - acrylic - mixed media
take me I'm yours, acrilic painting, mosaic 30 x 40 cm, erotic art


A fragment of music specially composed for Boris Novak's Inprisoned body series by René van Barneveld. discographywiki