Paintings of Love, Sex & Passion

In image of our creator Love digital manipulated collage 52 x 52 cmBoris Novak Up in Flames


"Nothing gives us a better insight into a society than the way in which the urges of sex and progress of love are treated as art."

Digital collages & water colour is  a mix of my photographed paintings, my regular photos, someones else photos and my divine intervention.
If appealed you can have it for € 420,- size 32 x 32 cm or € 240,- size 21 x 21 cm with the pase patout ± 6 cm, no frame.

Published on "Do not apologize, just thank you!"

 Como poderíamos se somos tratadas quase sempre como acessórios do prazer alheio e raramente somos vistas como protagonistas da nossa própria satisfação?

Translated from Portuguese: "How could we if we are treated almost always as accessories of the pleasure of others and are rarely seen as protagonists of our own satisfaction?"