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Dots, Art & Music 26-09-2016


Boris Novak


26 August 2019 View it online!

Dear Visitor,

Life is exciting and modern times offer so many possibilities that I can hardly choose one and stick to it for any length of time. Instead I’m jumping from one artistic experiment to another and mixing techniques such as classic water colors, colored pencils,  and pastels, scanning  or taking a photograph of my creation and then manipulating it into a new form of expression. At the same time I’m completing some design projects as well. 

Unknown Universe

Like the planetary system of an unknown universe in the dark cosmos, each planet with its colorful phases has a unique story to tell.
Looking closer, some circles are more than abstract landscapes.


my dots, your dots
Mixed Media painting


dots dispute
Mixed Media painting

Unknown 16


Mixed Media painting

Materials used:  gouache, watercolor, color pencils, digital textures


Artist Recognition

I am proud to announce that I am a featured artist on  Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery.

Fine Art & Music

On September 18, 2016 works by Boris Novak were displayed on music stands surrounding the performers during the magnificent concert of the Rietveld Ensemble at the Kathedrale Koorschool (Cathedral Choir School) in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
At each succeeding concert in the Rietveld Ensemble series at the Koorschool Boris will present different artistic opuses.


RE Boris



Kathedrale Koorschool,
Plompetorengracht 5, 
3512 CA Utrecht 
The Netherlands

Free entrance! Donations are welcome!


Dates and series:

September 18, 2016, open at 8PM
Self Recreate | digital multi layered collages, pastel, watercolor and pencil

November 13, 2016, open at 8PM
Conception | Acrylic paintings on board  

December 18 2016, open at 8PM
Introspect | Acrylic paintings

February 5, 2017, open at 8PM
Landscape, Nature, Still life and Plein air Paintings

April 9, 2017, open at 8PM
Imprisoned Body | Acrylic paintings, mixed media

May 14, 2017, open at 8PM
Basic Geometry | manipulated photography of architecture and geometric forms


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