New Perspective | digital multi layered collages, pastel, watercolor and pencil

Boris Novak lost
Boris Novak lay down by me mixed media digital co
Boris Novak Tribute to Sandro Botticelli
your thing mixed media  digital collage
Boris Novak Tribute to Gustav Klimt
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica nire
Boris Novak Tribute to Pablo Picasso Guernica nire 2
Picasso and me
Picasso and me 02
picasso and me 01
Boris Novak Up in Flames
Boris Novak Tribute to William Blake
Van Gogh influence
Van Gogh and me

One of the best pleasures when painting / creating for me is to explore the world which inspires me the most. Human relations in the first line especially interaction of two persons. I love to try to express the good and bad experiences, solitude and togethernes and hurt and intimacy. My biggest wonder is why people are as they are often ugly but same time so beautiful and atractive. In this series my scope is more on beauty of passion, but again in the first painting I'm trying to sketch the anatomy of human dispute.
Here in this series are as well three paintings mix of Picasso's Guernica and my portrat where I try to express not understanding the ugly blod thirsty beast in us humans.  

Paintings from the series New Perspective  digital collages, pastel, watercolor and color pencil, made on the theme covering part of exsistentional questions covering love, sexuality, communication, retrospect on life and echo of influences.