Yogurt Culture

Anita Ives


A joke on the artists’ forum inspires Boris Novak to set a challenge. From 26 countries, 63 artists speaking 15 languages made 119 artworks to create Yoghurtaria.

Like stolen exhibits in a gallery, I’ve plundered the words of the artists to tell the story. A textural piece showing the thick creamy delight. Some of us are creating culture...

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I live in an extremely rural secluded area of upstate NY, pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. They say here if you want culture you have to buy yogurt.

For starters, what is this new place? Like one of Alice’s dreamscapes. the white rabbit, a chess board, a Palladian bridge and antique gilt-framed royals of the parallel universe liv- ing under the threat of electro execution. Frozen yoghurt on fresh snow: here is the ski slope in the centre of the town, so close to the theatre, that you could get to it on the skis if you don ́t know how to stop them.

The wild skies and seas, where the wind comes from and where the wind goes. Staring at the stars in mono and full colour. There's not much marsh left now – most of it's been built on, and they moved the gypsies out ages ago (long before I was born).

Cows. She’s a cutey. We named her Mooey. A favourite of mine stands out from the crowd. She’s red and is fantastically named Saturn Lucky. Krishna was brought up as a cowherd. No wonder he loved curd and would climb to steal it from the earthenware pots hung up high by the Gopis.

I have a painting I made of the footprints of three-legged Nosferatu. He was a furry dude! Whilst Boris’ cat sleeps on Caravaggio’s lap. In this society cats get the yoghurt and cream. Very clever of me leaving the yoghurt on the table. Yoghurt horses? That'd be quite something. There’s a wee yoghurty mouse too.

Plenty of spoonfuls – the closest it gets to my tastebuds.


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A daughter’s ritual: the careful cutting of fruit, adding special jam, nuts and granola. Or- ange fruit, tasty Arabic bread. Layered lemon yoghurt cake, baked by me. The beauty of pomegranate, symbol of life and prosperity.

Vanilla drips, or swirls of fresh blueberry and velvet – a rich palette. Luscious berries bal- anced on dollops. The English idiom. Silver top yoghurt pots. A rich fruit compote. Bub- blegum, raspberry rose metallic. Framboise. A woman is spoon fed pink. With a cherry on top.

Multi-coloured, tiny stitches made by hand into sparkly blue blobs of strawberry sauce. Temptation in the garden of Eden. It's just yoghurt, honest! The model for this pearl neck- lace is a vegan. Vegans say no if it’s not dairy-free.

I prefer the real thing, personally.

Not allowed to crave right now. On target to get down to 165 pounds, currently 185 LOL, what are they smoking, they think I will not eat yoghurt. I grew up in the 1970s when it was synonymous with being on a diet.

But sometimes something is rotten in the culture. Global revolution. Free the nipple. One fifth of the population is on the edge of surviving, their yoghurt bowls are empty. This morn- ing I was at the supermarket and I was struck by the endless row of jars of yoghurt ...I had with me my camera and I started shooting... I have asked for permission before...but the manager saleswoman got fed up and ordered me to stop! Because this put at risk the im- age of the supermarket. I quickly paid the bill and I ran away!

Good mourning. Vegemite and Yoplait, side by side in grief.


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A discourse on the properties of yoghurt as an art material. First any artist considering an organic material that decomposes should read up on how yogurt breaks down. Does it give off gases or turn colours? Then there is the question of mould, like in your fridge. Yo- gurt used as a medium could get an artist in a lot of trouble if it started to stink or rot. If it’s good enough for Warhol...

We talk, we paint, we laugh, we disagree, we agree, we challenge and support. From all over the world. Different languages, backgrounds and current lives. It doesn't matter how old we are, what religion, what gender. Fat, skinny, vegan, soy, non-GMO, frozen, Swiss, Asian, French, Lite, Rice, custard, Greek, Balkan, Fat-Free, cultured, plain or have Fruit- on-the Bottom, we are all accepted and respected in the Yoghurt Society.


And half a life passed by while we were together fermenting yogurts: Steve had frozen shoulder
Friday 13th in Paris
Morphd's friend left
Sandra went to London for the second time in her life
Ester lost her purse with money
Boris went to the dentist to leave his last penny
Damien was sent to bed at 7 pm sharp
Cafe was opened by Rod. 


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ArtFinder over Yogurt

ArtFinder Yogurt


... one day in November, something magical happened.

Louise Pirotta, a French artist living in America responded to a thread about culture in artists’ local areas. Louise said, ‘if you want culture where I live, you buy yoghurt.’

Everyone laughed and got on with their day.

And then a simple but brilliant thing happened.....

... Netherlands-based artist Boris Novak suggested the creation of a Yogurt Culture Project, and the whole thing grew from there.


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